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Kwikpoint Visual Language Translator

  • Sturdy, laminated,Passport size, fits in the pocket
  • Offers instant,face to face communication that works anywhere
  • Saves valuable time by cutting through language barriers
  • Breaks down language barriers and minimises interpreter costs
  • Strengthens service to multicultural communities and visitors to the UK
  • Helps assess danger levels and ensures personal safety
  • Gather Crime scene information through pictures
  • Combine Kwikpoint with gestures to enhance effectiveness
  • Unfolded size 19" x 11"
  • Printed on waterproof hinge laminated card stock


Ask yourself how many times you have struggled to obtain information or offer on the spot help and advice to victims of crime? Niton has the answer - a simple and effective way to communicate with anyone regardless of language by simply pointing to pictures.   Communicate Instantly with the Law Enforcement Visual Language Translator

If you are trying to help or question someone who does not understand English, the Kwikpoint Visual Translator means you can just point to universally recognised images and begin communicating.

Developed exclusively for you the UK police and security officer, topics include:


  • Burglary/Robbery/ Theft
  • Motoring Offences; Drink Driving
  • Assault;Disorder/Damage/Drugs;
  • Car Theft; Car Crash
  • Sexual Crime
  • Missing Child; Identity
  • Key Information; Search; Poison/Allergic Reaction; Langauge Identification; Time/Numbers.

So effective, Kwikpoint is issued to US Law Enforcement, the F.B.I. US Marines stationed abroad, and is used by the International Monetary Fund, American Red Cross and many international companies. Light, inexpensive, and useful, it is an essential tool for enhancing communication.
If language is problem this translator allows the person being interviewed to simply point to the card to identify their nationality what type of crime has occured and give a description of the suspect.

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