Parade Shoes

Smart duty shoes, safety toe shoes and parade shoes.

About Our Police & Duty Parade Shoes

Parade shoes are worn by law enforcement personnel during formal events and ceremonies.

These shoes are made from high-quality leather and often feature a shiny finish for a professional appearance.

They are also designed to be comfortable, with cushioned insoles and flexible soles for grip and dexterity. Of course, comfort is a top priority, as patrol shoes are sometimes worn for long periods of time.

Parade shoes are an essential piece of equipment for police officers who participate in formal events and ceremonies. They’re simple and are nearly always made from high-quality black leather. Niton 999 supplies parade shoes for men and women.

What Is A Parade Shoe?

A parade shoe is a type of dress shoe worn by police officers during formal events or parades. These shoes are typically black, made of polished leather, and have a low heel. Parade shoes are designed to be comfortable and professional-looking while also being functional for marching.