Police Handcuffs

Whether you need, hinged, rigid or chain cuffs,
all our handcuffs are serialised and include keys. Contact the sales team for details of handcuff training courses and insurance.

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About Our Police Handcuffs

Niton 999 offers a large selection of high-quality police handcuffs that are strong, durable, and reliable.

Our range of handcuffs are built to effectively restrain individuals while also being comfortable for the user and easy to operate. In addition, we offer handcuffs in various materials, such as stainless steel or carbon steel, to fit your specific needs.

Niton 999’s handcuffs are also available in different styles, including chain-link and hinged, to fit different situations.

Niton 999's handcuffs are tested to meet rigorous standards, ensuring they are safe and reliable for security personnel and law enforcement officers.

What Are the Three Types of Handcuffs?

The three main types of handcuffs used by law enforcement officers are chain, hinged, and rigid. Chain handcuffs are the most commonly used and consist of two cuffs connected by a chain.

Hinged handcuffs have a hinge between the two cuffs, which allows for greater control over the detainee's movements. Rigid handcuffs are inflexible and do not have a chain or hinge, which makes them more difficult to manipulate but also more secure.

What Handcuffs Do UK Police Use?

UK police officers typically use handcuffs authorised by the Home Office and comply with national standards. The most commonly used handcuffs in the UK are the Hiatt Speedcuffs and the TCH840 rigid handcuffs.

These handcuffs are designed to be secure and effective in restraining suspects while also minimising the risk of injury to both the suspect and the officer. See our guide here on the best police handcuffs.