Break-Free CLP: More Than Just Oil

Experience Break-Free CLP, more than just oil - it cleans, lubricates, and preserves. Trusted by professionals globally. Explore now for superior gear maintenance!

Trust in Excellence with Break-Free CLP

Rely on Break-Free CLP, a product that transcends ordinary gun oil. A choice of professionals across the globe, from law enforcement officers to aerospace engineers, this product guarantees exceptional results. Its proprietary formula breaks through stubborn powder fouling, oil, grime, and grease that could harm your metal possessions.

Lubricate and Protect

Reducing friction and preventing wear and tear, Break-Free CLP offers more than just cleanliness. It halts the accumulation of foreign matter, ensuring your metal objects function flawlessly. Even under extreme pressure or high temperatures, this superior lubricant doesn't break down, making it perfect for moving metal parts.

Preservation for Your Valuables

With Break-Free CLP, you gain more than a cleaner and a lubricant; you acquire a durable protector. Creating a long-lasting coating, this product safeguards all metals from rust and corrosion. From handcuffs to firearms and beyond, rely on Break-Free CLP for comprehensive care of your precious metal items.