International Personal Safety and Travel Visual Language Translator

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Kwikpoint International Personal Safety and Travel Visual Language Translator

  • Communicate the current situation
  • Request help
  • Locate shelter
  • Get first aid assistance
  • Acquire basic needs 
  • Identifying danger
  • Navigating terrain
  • Finding transport
  • Locating communication devices to regain familiar contact
  • Printed on waterproof tear resistant synthetic paper 
  • Unfolded size 19" x 11"


Also included are personal safety guidelines for what to do to be inconspicuous and improve personal conditions in initial moments of confusing situations. This international translator is an essential tool for anyone that may be touring a foreign country outside well traveled tourist areas where assistance is relatively easy to obtain. It is specifically developed for urgent situations where a traveler may become separated from a group or otherwise find themselves in unfamiliar territory...whether hostile or friendly.

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