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Police Vests and rigs help to distribute the weight of your kit evenly across your body, helping to reduce the strain on the back. We have black tactical vests, hi-vis patrol vests and covert rigs for discreet operations.

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About Our Police & Security Vests

Tactical and police vests are designed to provide ample protection and storage for law enforcement personnel. These vests are made from durable materials, sometimes with ballistic panels to provide protection against firearms and other threats. They also feature multiple pockets and compartments to store essential gear, such as ammunition, radios, and other equipment.

Niton 999’s security and police vests are available in a variety of styles, from lightweight options for everyday use to heavier options for more dangerous situations. Some feature MOLLE webbing for tactical flexibility. They are an essential piece of equipment for any law enforcement officer.

What Are The Different Types Of Tactical Vests?

There are several types of tactical vests, including plate carriers, chest rigs, and load-bearing vests. Plate carriers are designed to hold ballistic plates and offer protection from bullets and other ballistic threats.

Chest rigs and load-bearing vests are designed to hold equipment and supplies, such as ammunition and radios. They may also feature MOLLE webbing for tactical versatility.

Additionally, there are also covert vests that are designed to be worn under clothing for concealment purposes.

Tac Vests

A tac vest, short for tactical vest, is a type of protective garment commonly used by military personnel, law enforcement officers, and outdoor enthusiasts. This specialised vest is designed to provide maximum functionality and utility, with multiple pockets, pouches, and attachments for carrying essential gear and equipment during tactical operations or outdoor activities. Whether you're a professional or an avid adventurer, a tac vest can be a practical and reliable addition to your gear collection.