Shooting Glasses

Designed for UK firearms police. Featuring brands like Mechanix Wear, these glasses meet MIL-PRF 32432 ballistic safety standards. Enjoy unmatched protection, clear vision, and ergonomic comfort. 

Shooting Glasses from Niton999

Elevate your shooting experience with Niton999’s range of high-performance shooting glasses, designed specifically for firearms police in the UK. These glasses, from top brands like Mechanix Wear, meet stringent MIL-PRF 32432 ballistic safety standards, ensuring optimal protection and performance.

Unmatched Protection and Clarity

  • Ballistic Safety: Complies with MIL-PRF 32432 standards, offering superior ballistic protection.
  • Durable Construction: Robust materials for long-lasting use in various environments.
  • Clear Vision: Anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings provide clear, uninterrupted vision.

Enhanced Comfort and Fit

  • Ergonomic Design: Lightweight and comfortable for extended wear.
  • Adjustable Features: Customizable fit for maximum comfort and stability.
  • Versatile Lens Options: Available in clear, smoke, and amber to suit different lighting conditions.

Professional Grade Performance

  • Trusted by Professionals: Preferred choice for UK firearms police and security personnel.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: Precision-engineered lenses to aid in target acquisition and shooting accuracy.
  • Reliable and Resilient: Built to withstand the rigours of active duty and training.

Stylish and Practical

  • Sleek Design: Modern aesthetics without compromising functionality.
  • Practicality: Easy to clean and maintain, ensuring long-term use.

Explore our collection of shooting glasses and equip yourself with the best in protective eyewear. Choose Niton999 for reliability, performance, and unmatched protection.

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