Ambulance and Paramedic Uniform

Our range of emergency services essentials includes midnight green shirts, trousers, softshell jackets, and other equipment - basically, everything you need whilst you are on the go.

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About Our Paramedic Uniforms

Our selection of ambulance and paramedic clothing is designed to provide maximum comfort, durability, and protection for paramedics, ambulance staff and first responders of all kinds.

Constructed from the highest-quality materials, our ambulance and paramedic clothing is built to withstand the most challenging working conditions.

Niton 999’s extensive range includes ambulance jackets, paramedic trousers, and shirts that are suitable for all situations and conditions. We understand what high-quality paramedic clothing needs and only stock high-quality clothing from trusted brands and suppliers.

What types of clothing are suitable for paramedics?

Paramedics require comfortable, durable clothing that allows for ease of movement. This may include uniform trousers or cargo pants, a polo shirt or sweatshirt, and a jacket or vest.

In addition, the clothing may be made of moisture-wicking or breathable materials to help keep the paramedic cool and dry. It may also feature reflective strips or other high-visibility markings for safety.

Discover our range of paramedic boots, jackets, belts and accessories.