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About Our MOLLE Pouches

Niton 999's police MOLLE pouches are designed to provide law enforcement officers with a versatile and reliable way to carry their gear.

These pouches are made from high-quality materials and are built to withstand the rigours of daily use. They are compatible with the MOLLE system and can be easily attached to tactical vests, belts, and backpacks.

Niton 999's police MOLLE pouches are available in a broad range of sizes and configurations, making it easy for security personnel and law enforcement officers to find the perfect pouch for their needs.

How Do MOLLE Pouches Work?

MOLLE pouches, which stands for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment, are designed to attach to a vest or belt using MOLLE webbing. MOLLE webbing is a series of horizontal and vertical straps that are sewn onto the surface of the vest or belt in a grid pattern.

MOLLE pouches come in a variety of sizes and shapes and can be used to carry a range of items, including ammunition, medical supplies, and tools. They can also be arranged in a way that makes the items easily accessible to the officer.

MOLLE Vest Attachments

Molle vest attachments are highly versatile accessories that can be securely fastened onto molle vests for added functionality. These attachments provide an efficient and customizable way to carry essential gear such as magazine pouches, utility pouches, and hydration systems, offering convenience and ease of access during tactical operations or outdoor activities. Whether it's for military personnel or outdoor enthusiasts, molle vest attachments enhance the capability of the vest and allow for better organization and distribution of equipment.

What types of MOLLE pouches are available for police officers?

MOLLE pouches are versatile and can be used to carry a range of items, including ammunition, medical supplies, and tools. Some common types of MOLLE pouches used by police officers include magazine pouches, radio pouches, utility pouches,