Body Armour & Stab Vests

High quality body armour with different levels of protection, from stab and spike resistance to balllistic. All armour is CE marked to show it meets European safety standards.

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Grid List

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About Our Body Armour

Our selection of UK police body armour is designed to provide maximum protection and comfort for law enforcement officers.

Niton 999’s body armour is made with high-quality materials, such as Kevlar, to ensure that it can withstand impact and provide reliable protection in demanding situations. We offer body armour in various styles and levels of protection, from lightweight vests to complete tactical armour systems.

Our body armour is also designed to be adjustable and breathable, ensuring that it fits comfortably and doesn't impede movement. We understand what top-class body armour requires, which is reflected in the models and brands we stock.

With Niton 999's body armour, you can ensure protection during even the most dangerous situations.

What Is Police Body Armor Made Of?

Police body armour is typically made of materials such as Kevlar or other ballistic fibres, as well as ceramic or metal plates. These materials are designed to absorb and disperse the energy of a bullet or other projectile, reducing the likelihood of injury or death.

The armour is usually worn as a vest under the officer's uniform and can protect the torso, chest, and back. However, the level of protection provided will depend on the armour's design and rating. For more information see our essential guide to body armour.