Baton Pouches, Holders and Cases

A range of Nylon and Polymer holsters for your baton.

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About Our Baton Pouches

Niton 999 offers a range of baton pouches, holders, and cases designed to store and carry batons securely. Our selection includes various materials and styles to fit law enforcement officers’ preferences and needs.

Niton 999’s baton pouches are made with durable materials, such as ballistic nylon or leather, to ensure they can withstand daily use and protect batons from damage.

Our baton holders are designed to securely attach to your belt or vest, providing easy access when needed. We also offer baton cases for transport or storage, ideal for officers carrying multiple batons.

So whether you need a single baton pouch or a complete system, Niton 999 has something to meet your needs.

What Are Police Baton Holders?

Police baton holders are designed to securely carry batons for law enforcement officers. They come in different styles, such as belt-mounted or thigh-mounted, and can be made of various materials like leather, nylon, or polymer.

The holder's design will depend on the officer's preferences and needs. For example, some holders may have a retention system to prevent the baton from falling out, while others may have a quick-release mechanism for easy access.