Tactical Molle Bags

Bags that can easily accommodate additional pouches for all necessary equipment while on duty.

Discover our range of Tactical MOLLE Bags, meticulously crafted for both the tactical professional and the everyday use. At Niton999, we've fused functionality with the rugged demands of field duties to deliver gear that exceeds expectations.

About Our Tactical Molle Bags

Introducing the Niton Tactical 35Ltr Multi-Functional Backpack with MOLLE. With a generous capacity of 35 liters, this backpack is perfect for those who need to carry more than just the essentials. The MOLLE webbing is integrated into the backpack's design, allowing for the addition of custom pouches. Furthermore, the backpack features a protective padded laptop pocket to ensure that your technology stays safe while you're on the move. It's the ultimate companion for anyone who requires a backpack that adapts to their needs quickly and easily.

The Niton Tactical Compact Messenger Bag is the perfect solution for organised storage of all your gadgets. It comes with dedicated compartments for your laptops, iPads, phones and keys, making it a mobile hub for all your devices. The bag is designed to offer ergonomic ease without compromising on space or security, making it an ideal companion for your daily ventures.

Unyielding Durability of Molle

Constructed from heavy-duty materials, our Tactical MOLLE Bags withstand the toughest environments. Whether you're navigating rugged terrains or enduring daily patrols, these bags offer unmatched durability.

Modular Versatility Of Molle

The defining feature of the MOLLE system is its modular design. Customise your loadout for any scenario with the ability to attach additional pouches and accessories. Every item has its place, easily accessible and secure.

Features at a Glance:

  • Robust fabric for extreme endurance
  • Modular design for custom configurations
  • Quick-access compartments for high-stress situations


Discover our range of Tactical MOLLE Bags and experience the ultimate in professional performance. Equip yourself with confidence, knowing that every bag is designed for tactical efficiency. Browse through our collection now and redefine what it means to be prepared. Your mission starts here.