Tactical Kit Bags & Holdalls

Bags for easy storage and rapid mobilisation of all the kit you need on duty.

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About Our Tactical Kitbags 

Tactical kit bags are an essential component of police equipment. These bags are specifically designed to carry and organise essential equipment and supplies necessary for law enforcement tasks of all varieties.

Tactical kit bags are made of durable and weather-resistant materials, with various compartments and pockets for storing cuffs, first aid kits, firearms and communication devices, among others. They can be worn over the shoulder or attached to a belt for easy access, making them practical for both indoor and outdoor settings.

The “tactical” element of a kitbag refers to qualities required for deployment in tactical situations, e.g. special firearms bags for armed officers. In some cases, tactical kit bags may feature MOLLE webbing and other purpose-made features for specific law enforcement tasks.

What Are The Features of a Good Tactical Kit Bag?

Good tactical kit bags should have several features. First and foremost, the bag should be built of high-quality materials that can withstand frequent use and harsh weather conditions.

Then, it should have multiple compartments, pockets, and loops for organising equipment and supplies. The bag should also be weather-resistant, comfortable to wear, versatile, and secure, with reliable zippers or buckles. Finally, the size of the bag should be appropriate for the specific needs of the officer, whether for firearms usage, general usage, forensics or something else.

Tactical kit bags may also feature MOLLE webbing and other customisable features.

What Material Is Best For A Tactical Kit Bag To Be Made Of?

Tactical kit bags should be durable and must withstand harsh conditions and frequent use.

Common materials used for tactical kit bags include nylon, polyester, and canvas.

Nylon is a popular choice for tactical bags as it is lightweight, durable, and water-resistant. In addition, it’s easy to clean and can withstand high-contact abrasion and wear. Polyester is another popular material, similar to nylon in its durability and water resistance.

Canvas is a heavier and more rugged material, making it an excellent choice for tactical bags that may be exposed to rough terrain or other extreme conditions. Canvas is also resistant to abrasion and wear but is perhaps not as water-resistant as nylon or polyester.