Police Duty Belts & Accessories

Smart leather trouser belts to ballistic nylon duty belts, all from great brands such as Niton Tactical and Bianchi.

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About Our Police & Security Belts

Niton 999 offers a range of high-quality police and security belts designed to provide maximum support and comfort for security personnel and law enforcement officers.

Our range includes leather belts, nylon belts, and tactical belts that are suitable for a wide range of situations. Our belts are designed to withstand the toughest conditions and provide maximum security for your equipment.

Belts are a vital piece of kit for police and security people, but finding the perfect belt isn’t as easy as one might suspect. Niton 999 has curated an excellent range of high-quality belts for all situations. For more information on duty belts visit our comprehensive guide.

What Do Police Carry on Their Belts?

Police officers carry a wide variety of items on their duty belts, depending on their role and department. Typical items include handcuffs, a baton, pepper spray, a firearm, spare ammunition, a radio, a flashlight, and a utility pouch for additional gear.

A heavy-duty belt and/or vest is designed to distribute these items' weight evenly and allow the officer to access them quickly and efficiently when needed.

How to Set Up a Police Duty Belt

Setting up a police duty belt involves arranging the equipment and gear in a way that is comfortable and accessible to the officer. This may include arranging items such as a firearm, baton, spray, handcuffs, and radio to balance the weight and distribute it evenly around the waist.

The duty belt may include additional pouches for items such as a torch, spare ammunition, or a first aid kit. The belt should be adjusted to fit snugly around the waist and to allow for ease of movement.