Embroidered Epaulettes

Personalise your uniform with custom epaulettes. Choose from slider, Met style, and button options to find the perfect match for your rank and style. 

Embroidered Epaulettes for Police, Ambulance, and Security

Our Custom Embroidered Epaulettes are designed for professionals in the Police, Ambulance, Security, Dog Handler units and nursing to showcase their identity.

Features & Benefits:

  • Vibrant, fade-resistant embroidery for long-lasting wear
  • Wide selection of threads and backing colours to match your uniform
  • Secure attachment features to keep epaulettes in place
  • Lightweight and durable, designed for daily wear
  • Easy-to-clean materials that maintain a professional look

Personalised for Perfection

Design a customized epaulette that reflects your unique identity. Select your desired text and choose from a range of thread colours to ensure that your emblem is as personalized as your service. Simply enter your specifications and let us craft an insignia that is perfectly tailored to you.

Emblems of Excellence

Our epaulettes are more than just decorative; they are badges of honour. They feature text, chevrons, and logos to reflect your position, your responsibility, and your readiness.