Team GB

Team GB


The Rio Olympics are well underway with Team GB having its most successful overseas Olympic games ever being currently second in the medal table and with Team GBs having its first gold in many sports such as Max Whitlock gold in gymnastics. But what’s our success in Rio down to?

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The National Lottery money is one of the main reason people think we have had such a successful games. All you need to do is look at is the last Olympics before the National Lottery was introduced which was the Atlanta Olympics in 1996 where Team GB took home only one gold medal. The funding sees 20 per cent of the National Lottery’s ticket sale money gets invested into sport.

 Team GB is in second place with 22 Gold medals and 56 medals overall. With the closing ceremony 3 days away, Do you think we will still be in second place by the end of the Olympics? And how well do you think we will do in the Paralympics?