Cheata Tactical Ultimate Compression Bra - Step In

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We recommend watching the video below before purchasing to ensure the correct style and size are chosen.


The Cheata Step In Bra

Wide set straps and our patented closed end zipper track allow the wearer to step into this garment or put it on over the head. Reversible for different degrees of compression. Wear it in the front for stronger compression, reverse it to the rear for lesser compression.

• Easy on/easy off
• Excellent for MEDIUM level impact activities
• Shoulder digging or neck pulling
• Breast no longer impede form in precision form activities (i.e. a golf swing)
• Encourages scapular contraction 
• Improves posture and creates body alignment
• Full support of the thoracic back with contouring compression
• Wear with or without your everyday bra
• Eliminates the appearance of back fat
• Ultra moisture wicking and heat dispersing
• Featuring STRETX (trademarked) performance compression technology

Breasts & Body Armour

The problem:

Your body armor never quite fits right, but it’s worse than that. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • “Sizing up” in an armored vest to accommodate your chest and being left with a hulking mass everywhere else
  • Your vest shifts around when you move and slides under your neck when you sit
  • The Hook & Loop enclosures bust open if you lean over
  • Smashed feeling in the breast region under your vest
  • Your bra shifting around under your vest and not being able to reach in and adjust
  • Thoracic and lower back pain from fatigue
  • Digging bra straps on your neck and shoulders

The solution:

  • Cheata compression problems are the solution for your armored vest issues. There is no such thing as a “women’s cut armored vest” that works when you have a larger bust.  
  • Our multi-patented structural designs and components redistribute your breast weight and mass evenly throughout your frontal torso which allows a dramatically improved, more comfortable, and stable fit for your body armor. Vest shifting and feeling smashed is eliminated. The vest lays flat and stays there. Your back is supported, there is no digging at the neck/shoulders, and the bra doesn’t travel up your torso when you move.
  • Cheata bras come in different strengths so please refer to our product pages and demonstration videos to determine which Cheata bra is best for you.


Cheata bras are compression garments. The feeling is a firm hugging stabilizing security, not “tight”. If you are larger busted DO NOT “SIZE DOWN” as you might have with other bras thinking that is what you would require to stabilize your chest.

  • Take the numeric portion of your everyday bra and refer to the Cheata size chart. For instance a 36C or a 36E would be a 36 - therefore a size Medium
  • If unsure of your band size, measure around the largest part of your back to the region above your breast tissue and pull tightly
  • Cheata's state-of-the-art Stretx performance textiles provide a controlled localized stretch to effectively accommodate varying breast sizes and torso shapes
  • Cheata bras do not break down/stretch out from extended wear. Therefore, do not "size down" as you might have with other sports bras. 
  • See our "Fit Activation" video to maximize your Cheata experience by learning how to fit and adjust your Cheata bra properly (it's different than other bras).
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