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Blueline 5" Leather Patrol Boots - Low Police Boots

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Blueline 5in All Leather Black Patrol Boots

The Blueline 5in Black Leather Patrol Boots, painstakingly constructed from the finest buffalo leather, represent the pinnacle of footwear engineering. Not only do these boots look professional, but they also represent comfort and durability, making them ideal for even the most taxing jobs.

These boots are ideal for professionals who need to wear all-black leather footwear for extended periods since they guarantee to provide superior performance without compromising comfort or appearance.

Features and Benefits of the Blueline 5" Leather Patrol Boots

  • Buffalo Leather Upper: Offers unparalleled durability and a sophisticated look, ensuring longevity and style in your professional wardrobe.
  • Moisture-Wicking Lining: Actively draws moisture away from the skin, keeping feet dry and comfortable during extended periods of wear, crucial for active professionals.
  • 5-Inch Mid Cut Design: Provides optimal ankle support without restricting movement, perfect for maintaining agility and comfort on the job.
  • Leather Padded Top Collar and Soft Padded Tongue: Enhance fit and comfort, significantly reducing the risk of blisters and discomfort during prolonged use.
  • Bellowed Tongue: Keeps out dirt, debris, and small particles, maintaining a clean and comfortable interior environment for your feet.
  • High-Density PU Outsole: Delivers superior slip resistance and abrasion protection, enhancing safety in a variety of working conditions.
  • Low-Density Midsole: Features lightweight, shock-absorbing properties that reduce the impact on feet during movement, ideal for dynamic and demanding work environments.
  • Non-Ferrous Hardware: Metal detector friendly, allowing seamless access through high-security environments without the inconvenience of removing footwear.
  • Double Stitched Key Seams: Increase the overall durability of the boots, designed to withstand the rigours of daily use in any emergency service or demanding professional setting.
  • Certified Safety Standards: Meets EN ISO 20347:2012 O2 SRC WR regulations, ensuring top-quality safety and performance for occupational use.

Why Choose Blueline 5" Leather Patrol Boots?

Invest in your security and comfort when you choose these boots. The soft padded tongue and leather-padded top collar improve fit and shield the wearer from pain over extended periods. Exceptional shock absorption is provided by the low-density midsole, reducing foot strain when walking or standing for long periods. These boots are the best option for occupational footwear because they not only meet but also surpass professional expectations for slip resistance, water resistance, and general foot protection. They are certified to fulfil EN ISO 20347:2012 O2 SRC WR criteria.

Advanced Features for Rigorous Use

Each feature of the Blueline 5in Patrol Boots is engineered with precision to uphold safety and ease during intense activities. The buffalo leather upper ensures unmatched durability and a refined look, while the moisture-wicking lining keeps your feet dry and comfortable, critical during long shifts or active duty. With a bellowed tongue to block out debris and a high-density PU outsole for excellent slip resistance, these boots are built to tackle any challenge. The double-stitched key seams and non-ferrous hardware underscore the boot's robustness and security-friendly design.

Certified Excellence in Safety: EN ISO 20347:2012 O2 SRC WR Standards

The Blueline 5" Leather Patrol Boots are not only built with quality in mind but are also rigorously tested to meet high safety standards. Certified under the EN ISO 20347:2012 O2 SRC WR standards, these boots guarantee a level of safety and performance essential for professional use. Here’s what each certification means for your boots:

  • Occupational Footwear Standard (O2): Ensures that the footwear is suitable for various occupational environments, providing essential features like closed heel regions, antistatic properties, and energy absorption in the heel area.
  • Slip Resistance (SRC): Combines testing on both steel and ceramic surfaces with cleaning products ensuring that the boots offer exceptional grip and stability in both dry and wet conditions, reducing the risk of slips and falls.
  • Water Resistance (WR): Offers a significant level of protection against water penetration and absorption, keeping your feet dry even in wet working conditions.

This combination of standards makes the Blueline 5in Leather Patrol Boots a reliable choice for professionals who demand the utmost in safety, comfort, and performance.

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