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Blueline 5in Patrol Black Police Boots

Discover the new era of Emergency Services patrol boots with the Blueline 5in Patrol Black Police Boots, a refined design born from over a century of craftsmanship and detailed insights from former police officers and industry specialists. 

Ideal for the rigorous demands of policing, these boots also serve excellently for paramedics and any active professional needing reliable, comfortable footwear.

Crafted from genuine Buffalo Leather and resilient Nylon, these boots boast not only a professional look but also superior durability without any compromise on comfort.

Features of the Blueline 5in Patrol Black Police Boots

  • Buffalo Leather & Nylon Upper: Provides a resilient and durable exterior that withstands daily wear while offering a professional appearance.
  • Enhanced Flexibility: New and improved side panel quarter pillowing allows for greater movement and flexibility, allowing maximum foot comfort. 
  • Moisture Wicking Lining: Keeps feet dry and comfortable by drawing moisture away from the skin, essential for long shifts and active duty.
  • Leather Padded Top Collar and Soft Padded Tongue: Enhance fit and comfort, reducing the risk of blisters and discomfort during extended wear.
  • Bellowed Tongue: Prevents dirt, debris, and small particles from entering the boot, maintaining a clean and comfortable interior.
  • High-Density PU Outsole: Offers outstanding slip resistance and abrasion protection, promoting safety in various working environments.
  • Low-Density Midsole: Provides lightweight, shock-absorbing properties that minimise impact on the feet during movement.
  • Non-Ferrous Hardware: Metal-detector friendly, making them suitable for high-security environments without compromising convenience.
  • Double Stitched Key Seams: Increases the overall durability of the boots, ensuring they withstand the rigours of daily use in any emergency service.
  • Certified Safety Standards: Meets EN ISO 20347:2012 O2 SRC WR regulations, ensuring quality and safety for occupational use. 

Why Choose Blueline 5in Patrol Boots?

These Police boots are more than just footwear; they are a part of your daily arsenal. With features like a padded top collar and bellowed tongue to keep the elements at bay, and a shock-absorbent, lightweight midsole for all-day comfort, Blueline boots are designed to keep you on your feet in any situation.

Whether you're patrolling the streets or rushing to save lives, these boots offer the support and comfort you need without slowing you down.

Engineered for Duty

Embrace the perfect blend of tradition and innovation with the Blueline 5in Police Boots. Crafted from robust buffalo leather and breathable nylon, these boots are built to meet the rigorous and demands of your role.  

Comfort in Every Step

The updated design introduces improved side panel quarter pillowing, enhancing flexibility and movement. A snug fit is guaranteed with the leather padded top collar, while the soft padded tongue ensures your feet are secure and protected. Each step is cushioned by a low-density midsole, making these boots ideal for long shifts.

Durable by Design

These boots don't just meet standards; they set them. With CE and UKCA markings, they comply with the highest regulations for safety and quality. The high-density PU outsole offers excellent resistance to slips and abrasions, while the non-ferrous hardware means you're ready for security-sensitive environments. Double-stitched key seams and strong cored laces ensure these boots last as long as you do on the job.

EN ISO 20347:2012 O2 SRC WR Certification Explained

The Blueline 5in Patrol Police Boots meet the stringent EN ISO 20347:2012 O2 SRC WR standards, ensuring they are ideal for professional use. Here’s what this certification means for these boots: 

Occupational Footwear Standard (O2)

  • Closed heel and antistatic properties: Enhances safety by protecting the heel and reducing static electricity risks.
  • Energy absorption: Minimises impact on the heel, crucial for comfort during long wearing periods.

Slip Resistance (SRC)

  • Tested on ceramic and steel surfaces: Provides high levels of grip and stability, reducing slip risks in various slippery conditions.

Water Resistance (WR)

  • Water-resistant: Keeps feet dry and comfortable, suitable for outdoor or wet environments.

Importance of EN ISO 20347:2012 O2 SRC WR

This certification confirms the boots’ capability to offer safety, comfort, and performance, making them a reliable choice for UK law enforcement and emergency services.

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