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Blueline Patrol S3 Safety Boots – Leather Work Boots

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Blueline Patrol Mid Safety Boot

Blueline Patrol Mid Safety Boot

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Blueline Patrol Mid Safety Boot has been designed with safety in mind. From the composite toe to the anti-penetration midsole plate. The double-stitched seams and slip and abrasion-resistant sole ensure solid footing throughout.

Blueline Patrol S3 Safety Boots with Safety Toe & Anti Penetration Midsole Plate

These S3 Safety Boots come equipped with a state-of-the-art composite protective toe cap and a midsole plate, offering robust anti-penetration protection that complies with the EN ISO 20345:2011 S3 SRC WR CE & UKCA standards.

Ideal for building site security, factory workers, Paramedics, specialist police roles and warehouse operations, these boots ensure your safety without compromising on comfort.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Superior Protection: Enjoy peace of mind with toe protection against a 200-joule impact and compression protection up to 15,000 Newtons. The boots' anti-static properties and resistance to fuel oil safeguard you in diverse work environments, while the energy-absorbing heel and water-resistant upper provide additional security.
  • Comfort and Durability: Crafted from genuine buffalo leather, these boots feature a padded top collar and a moisture-wicking lining, ensuring dryness and comfort during long shifts. The high-density PU outsole is both slip and abrasion-resistant, and the lightweight midsole enhances shock absorption.
  • User-Friendly Design: The non-ferrous hardware makes these boots metal detector friendly, perfect for high-security workplaces. Double-stitched key seams and strong cored laces enhance the boots' durability, ensuring they stand up to the rigours of daily use.
  • Mid-Cut Design: Offers optimal ankle support without restricting mobility, ideal for maintaining agility and comfort while providing sufficient protection against potential ankle twists or sprains. This design strikes the perfect balance between a low-cut and a high-cut boot, ensuring both flexibility and security in dynamic work environments. 

Why Choose Blueline Patrol S3 Safety Boots?

These S3 Safety Boots are not just a purchase; they are an investment in your safety and comfort. Whether you're navigating heavy equipment, working on a construction site, managing a factory floor, or securing a warehouse, these boots stand up to the challenges of any demanding environment. Their lightweight design and shock-absorbing properties ensure that you can move comfortably without fatigue, making them an essential part of your work attire.

Features of Blueline S3 Patrol Safety Boots

  • Composite Protective Toe Cap: Offers robust protection against impacts of up to 200 joules, safeguarding your toes in hazardous environments.
  • Anti-Penetration Midsole Plate: Prevents penetration of sharp objects through the sole, ensuring complete underfoot safety.
  • EN ISO 20345:2011 S3 SRC WR CE & UKCA Certified: Meets high standards of safety, offering credibility and reliability in protective footwear.
  • Genuine Buffalo Leather Upper: Provides durability and a premium feel, while ensuring long-term wear and comfort.
  • Leather Padded Top Collar: Enhances comfort around the ankle, preventing chafing and irritation during extended wear.
  • Moisture Wicking Lining: Keeps feet dry and comfortable by drawing moisture away from the skin during intense activities.
  • High-Density PU Outsole: Delivers excellent slip and abrasion resistance, suitable for various terrains and work environments.
  • Low-Density Midsole: Offers superior shock absorption and lightweight comfort, reducing foot fatigue during long shifts.
  • Non-Ferrous Hardware: Metal detector friendly, ideal for high-security areas requiring passage through metal detectors.
  • Double Stitched Key Seams: Increases durability at critical stress points, ensuring the boots withstand rigorous use.
  • Bellowed Tongue: Keeps dirt and debris out, maintaining cleanliness and comfort inside the boot.
  • Soft Padded Tongue and Lace-Up Design: Provides a secure and adjustable fit, enhancing overall foot stability and support.
  • Water Resistant and Weather Proof: Suitable for use in various weather conditions, keeping feet dry and protected against the elements.
  • Energy Absorption Qualities: Includes energy absorption in the heel, reducing impact stress on the lower limbs and enhancing comfort.

 Understanding EN ISO 20345:2011 S3 SRC WR Certification

The Blueline Black Leather Patrol S3 Safety Boots are not only built to last but are also certified to meet the rigorous EN ISO 20345:2011 S3 SRC WR standards, ensuring they provide top-tier protection and performance. Here’s what this certification means for you:

  • EN ISO 20345:2011: This is the European standard for safety footwear, which mandates that the boots are capable of withstanding a 200-joule impact. This is equivalent to a heavy object weighing 20 kg falling from a height of one metre onto the toes.
  • S3 Rating: The S3 classification guarantees that the boots have toe protection against impacts, anti-static properties, resistance to fuel oil, and energy absorption in the heel. Crucially, they include a water-resistant upper and a puncture-resistant sole, making them suitable for environments with sharp objects and wet conditions.
  • SRC (Slip Resistant Coefficient): SRC certification assures that the footwear offers slip resistance on both ceramic and steel surfaces covered with water and cleaning products. This makes the boots highly reliable on diverse and potentially slippery surfaces.
  • WR (Water Resistance): Your boots are designed to prevent water penetration, a vital feature for working in wet or muddy conditions, ensuring your feet stay dry and protected throughout your workday.

The combination of these features in these Leather Safety Boots provides a comprehensive safety solution, meeting the needs of professionals in demanding and hazardous environments. This certification is your assurance of quality, durability, and safety.

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