Peerless 750 Coloured Chainlink Cuffs

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Peerless 750 Coloured Chainlink Cuffs

  • Backloading for fast cuffing
  • 19 tooth, 3 retaining bar security system
  • Spun rivet construction
  • Pushpin double lock capability
  • Certified under NIJ 0307.01
  • Steel swivels for added strength and durability
  • Two keys supplied
  • Material: Carbon steel / Electrolytic Polyurethane Plating (EPP)
  • Colour: Yellow

The colour finish helps to prevent equipment loss by allowing for easy property identification and tracking. Colour can also be used to enable or reinforce a classification system such as threat level, medical condition, jurisdiction and more.

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We advise that you are properly trained and insured in the use of handcuffs and restraints. It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with UK laws regarding the carry and use of cuffs and restraints. It is your responsibility to ensure that cuffs and restraints are used in an appropriate manner and within the constraints of the law.

In order to purchase this product, proof of employment within Law Enforcement as a servant of the crown will be required (e.g. Police, MOD, etc.). Please call or send an email to [email protected] for more details

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