Hiatt Ultimate Hinged Speedcuffs - Nickel - Red

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Hiatt Ultimate Hinged Speedcuffs with red handle


  • Heavy duty construction with oversized rivet heads for added strength
  • 18 teeth - 3 retaining bars with 6 teeth on each bar makes cuffs extremely difficult to pick
  • Built in backloading feature for faster cuffing
  • Leaf spring double locking system is very difficult to beat
  • True Swing Technology ensures the shackle hits the centre of the cuff every time
  • Snaps open to a flat profile, then locks into position, becoming rigid for use
  • Folds for easy storage
  • Lock and double lock like regular handcuffs using a standard handcuff key
  • 22 locking positions to accommodate both large and small wrist sizes
  • Nickel


Also available in black HHUL5

The only folding rigid handcuff in the world - A rigid handcuff when drawn but folds away after use. Overcomes all pouch carrying problems associated with rigid handcuffs. Standard keys fit all locks. Specially designed plastic grip for hand comfort.

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