Kevlar Coiled Lanyard With Dual Angular Snap Hook

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Niton Tactical Kevlar Coiled Lanyard With Dual Angular Snap Hook

The Niton Tactical Kevlar Coiled Lanyard With Dual Angular Snap Hook is designed to alleviate this problem. Crafted with military-grade Kevlar, it ensures maximum security and flexibility even in the harshest conditions.

Main Features:

  • Military-Grade Coiled Kevlar Lanyard
  • Coiled 200mm / extends to 1300mm
  • Overall breaking strain 80 kg
  • Maintains shape at all times
  • Dual Angular Snap Hook

Unmatched Strength, Unrivaled Security

Introducing the Niton Tactical Kevlar Coiled Lanyard Lanyard with Dual Angular Snap Hook. Crafted with military-grade coiled Kevlar, this lanyard provides unparalleled security and flexibility under any circumstances. Whether you're dealing with extreme temperatures or high-stress environments, the durable outer coating ensures your gear remains secure. With a breaking strain of 100kg for the braided Kevlar and an overall breaking strain of 80kg, this lanyard can handle the toughest of tasks.

Versatile and Dependable

Every day, police officers, prison officers, and security personnel face the unyielding challenge of safeguarding their equipment. From keys to tools, every piece of gear is crucial to the smooth operation of their duties.

This lanyard is about more than simply strength; it's also about versatility. It is coiled at 200mm and expands to a whopping 1300mm while retaining its shape and coil at all times. The Niton Tactical Kevlar Coiled Lanyard is ideal for carrying keys, multi-tools, knives, and other necessities. Its dual angular snap hook design adds an added degree of protection, making it a trustworthy companion for any kind of job.

Trust in Decades of Excellence

The Niton Tactical Kevlar Coiled Lanyard is steeped in a rich history of providing security and reliability. For over 30 years, it's been the choice of military, police, prison services, and even NASA. Originally designed to prevent weapon loss, it's now trusted by police, para-military, military, prison services, and special forces around the world. When you choose Niton, you're not just buying a lanyard – you're investing in a legacy of unparalleled quality and dependability.

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