CarryLok Holster - Size 13

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Code: BIA22146-BIA22147

Bianchi CarryLok Holster Right Handed


  • Dual belt slots pull gun close to body for concealability 
  • FingerLok release lever provides speed and security for quick middle finger release of firearm 
  • 16° forward carry angle 
  • Open muzzle 
  • Stay open design for efficient one handed holstering 
  • FingerLok retention device secures handgun 
  • Exclusive Auto Retention feature
  • Right handed
  • Plain Tan finish
  • Size 13 suitable for Glock 17, 22


Bianchi's CarryLok offers the speed of an open top concealment holster with the security of a duty holster. This security is provided by the new CarryLok system that consists of an internal cam that locks the weapon into the holster via the trigger guard. To release the weapon the shooter extends his/her middle finger while obtaining a firing grip on the weapon. As the middle finger sweeps the CarryLok release tab the tab is depressed allowing the pistol to be drawn in an upward motion. The CarryLock automatically engages when the pistol is reholstered. The pancake style of this holster combines comfort and concealability. Fits most popular Autos.

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