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Niton Tactical 12 Days of Christmas Limited Edition Advent Calendar

Count down to Christmas with the 12 amazing gifts hiding inside our exclusive Limited Edition Advent Calendar.

A Journey of Festive Surprises

We don’t want to give too much away, but you will find hidden inside 12 quality gifts that are ideal for emergency services or security professionals. Each special gift has been carefully selected from a range of our most popular exclusive professional products from the Niton Tactical and Blueline brands.

Enjoy over £220 of value for only £99 plus free Hotpick P&P

A Glimpse into the Offering:

    • Police Officer: Ideal for police officers as it contains Patrol Essentials, like a compact rescue tool for their keychain.
    • Security Personnel: Perfect for security staff, with offerings like a sturdy yet compact light source for those vigilant night hours.
    • Paramedics and Ambulance Staff: Perfect for paramedics, offering small, practical tools that assist in swift response.

Each day brings forth a new gift. Each box unveils a unique gift that is handy for anyone in emergency services or security.

Are you curious about the contents of the Niton Tactical 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar? View our product images.

Limited Edition Advent Calendar Contains the following:

*Please Note:  The Blueline Patrol Boot or Bag Voucher can only be used against any Blueline Patrol Boot or Blueline Patrol Bag. The Blueline Patrol Boot or Bag Voucher can only be redeemed over the phone. Click here to view what Blueline Patrol Bag or Patrol Boot it can redeemed against.

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