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Monadnock Instructors Baton Techniques Notebook CD ROM


CD #1

1. An extensive resource library filled with helpful instructor development information and hints is found within the Instructor Course Notebook. The Instructor Course Notebook can be searched from beginning to end using the standard “find” function found in MS Word.

2. The Instructor Course Notebook By Chapters allows for an independent chapter review that provides a means for disseminating information one chapter at a time to students.

3. Gain access to three unique and interactive Internet websites - The Training Council, Monadnock Lifetime Products, and CASCO International-without having to be online. This saves time and trouble when you need this information but cannot find an Internet connection. MS PowerPoint Format.

CD #1A!

1. An avenue to excite the classroom by stimulating a student’s senses. The Presentation Notebook Series will help do just that using MS PowerPoint. Put power into your next presentation using such titles as Course Safety, Instructor Development and many others.

2. Research. Research. Research. The Reference Notebook Series showcases much of the Training Council’s nearly 30 years of research. For example, you can find the medical research behind the Monadnock Baton Chart, find cases on civil liability, find information on use of force, baton retention and many more important officer survival subjects. Professionalism can be gained through the power of knowledge. MS Word Format.


Officer Safety Instructors the power of knowledge is now at your fingertips... All the background information you'll ever need. Much of the UK Officer Safety Training is based upon the Monadnock system. Covers control and restraint, handcuffing and friction lock and side handle baton techniques. Fantastic Value! 

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