How To Save A Life With A Tax Disc Holder

How To Save A Life With A Tax Disc Holder

As of October this year cars no longer have to display a tax disc on the windshield. Instead of letting all those disc holders go to waste, PC Dave Wise and his team from West Mercia police has found a new use for them.

An emergency contact disc will hold details of your next of kin, medical conditions or allergies and so on, and can be kept in the tax disc holder. In the event of a medical emergency or traffic accident, first responders can check the disc for your details. Knowing of any illness or allergy means they can start appropriate treatment immediately.

To download your Emergency Disc Template simply follow the link below.


PC Wise has said “The information within the disc could be vital to save lives or quickly locate a casualty’s next of kin, something that can be time consuming at the scene of a serious incident.

“All information is optional and the blank discs can be used to add customised information, or attach a passport photo to help link the information to the right person. If there is more than one regular driver or even regular passengers, consider printing multiple discs and add a photo or description of each person. The Emergency Contact Disc can be used alongside existing medical alert products like bracelets and necklaces.”

The Niton team think this is a great idea and are now displaying Emergency Contact Discs in their vehicles. Once you’ve downloaded yours, don’t forget to tell your friends and family about it.