Guide to Police Bags

Guide to Police Bags
29 June 2023 Edited 5 October 2023

Being prepared is one of the most important aspects of being a Police officer, and there’s a lot of gear to account for, from torches and police forms to all-weather clothing and duty gear. 


Having a top-quality bag to carry everything is a must. Your police bag will go wherever you go, and it’ll take a endure bit of wear and tear, so it has to be strong and durable. 


This is the ultimate guide to police bags and how to choose one. 

Importance of Police Bags

A police bag is not just a container for gear – it ensures you’re operationally ready for your shift.


Police bags enable officers to carry all the necessary tools and equipment to respond to situations effectively. 


Your bag will carry a broad range of gear, from duty gear, such as handcuffs, torches, and radios, to personal items, like water bottles and emergency snacks. 


The usefulness of a police bag extends beyond mere storage. The organisational features of these bags, such as multiple compartments and customisable layouts, ensures you can access your equipment quickly and easily. 


This can save precious seconds in emergencies, where every moment counts.


In addition, police bags are designed to be durable and withstand the demanding nature of police work. 


They’re often made from robust materials that can resist wear and tear and protect the stored gear from damage, ensuring officers can rely on their equipment when needed.


Finally, in a broader sense, a police bag acts as an officer's mobile base of operations. 


With everything they need at their fingertips, officers can adapt to evolving situations and ensure their shift runs as smoothly and safely as possible. 

Types of Police Bags

Law enforcement professionals have different requirements when it comes to carrying their equipment. 


There’s a wide range of police bags, each designed to cater to specific needs and situations. 


Here are three common types of police bags and what sets them apart:

Patrol Bags

Patrol bags are the primary bag that comes with you to every shift. They are typically spacious, with an optimised layout for law enforcement work. 


These bags are intended for everyday use and are perfect for carrying essentials like paperwork, small tools, torches, and personal items. 


Many patrol bags come with special features designed for the unique needs of patrol officers. 


For example, some have designated compartments for specific equipment, like radios or paperwork. 


Others may include features like insulated pockets for keeping drinks hot or cold or lockable zippers for added security. Niton999’s patrol bags are designed with law enforcement in mind. 

Black blueline patrol bag

Above: BlueLine Patrol Bag

Duty Bags

Duty bags, also known as kit bags, are larger and designed to carry extensive equipment. 


They are typically used when officers need to carry more gear, such as during special operations. Duty bags can accommodate larger items like firearms, tactical vests, helmets, additional clothing, or boots.

For example, Niton Tactical Equipment Bag has an ample 70-litre capacity. 

Black niton equipment bag

Duty bags often feature robust construction to handle heavier loads. In addition, they usually come with sturdy handles and detachable shoulder straps for easy transportation. 


Some duty bags also feature multiple compartments or removable organisers to help keep your gear tidy and accessible.


Police backpacks are designed for situations where officers need to move around a lot and require their hands to be free. 


These could include crowd control scenarios, search and rescue missions, or foot patrols. 


Police backpacks come in various sizes and designs to accommodate different needs. Some are designed for lightweight, streamlined carry, while others offer extensive storage space and organisation options. 


In addition, many police backpacks feature MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) webbing, which allows officers to attach additional pouches or gear according to their needs.


For example, the Niton Tactical 35Ltr Multifunctional backpack with MOLLE below is designed with MOLLE for added versatility. 

Black Niton backpack

Additionally, police backpacks often have features tailored to law enforcement needs, like hidden pockets for concealed carry, hydration bladder compartments, or padded pockets for electronics. 

Features to Consider

There are many types of police bags available, some more generalist (e.g. the patrol bag or backpack) and some more specialist (e.g. the tactical equipment bag). 


Let’s take a closer look:


Storage is a critical factor when choosing a police bag. The bag should be roomy enough to accommodate all the gear for your assignment. This includes the bag's total capacity and the number of compartments. 


Some bags have main compartments that can hold larger items like lunch, helmets, boots, or tactical vests. At the same time, smaller pockets can be useful for organising and quickly accessing tools, paperwork, or personal items. 


Bags may also feature specialised storage options, such as insulated compartments for food and drinks or padded pockets for delicate items like electronics.


A bag with multiple compartments, pockets, and dividers can help you organise your gear, making it easier to find what you need quickly. 


Some bags offer modular or customisable interiors, allowing you to adjust the compartments according to your specific needs. This can be useful if your gear changes depending on your shift or assignment.


Police work doesn't stop for bad weather. A waterproof or water-resistant bag can protect your gear from getting wet in the rain or snow. 


This is especially important if you carry electronic devices or paperwork in your bag. Check bags to see if they’re water-resistant or waterproof. This is especially important if you expect to be outside for long periods. 


Given the tough nature of law enforcement work, your bag should be able to withstand rough handling and harsh conditions. 


Look for a bag made from durable materials like heavy-duty nylon or canvas. The stitching should be robust, with reinforced seams that won't split under the weight of your gear. 


Zippers and fastenings should also be sturdy and easy to operate, even with gloved hands.


Finally, consider how convenient the bag is to use. This includes factors like how easy it is to carry and how quickly you can access your gear. 


If you'll carry the bag long distances, look for one with padded shoulder straps or a comfortable handle. If you'll be opening and closing your bag frequently, look for one with easy-to-use zippers or fastenings.


Some bags also offer additional convenience features, like ID windows for easy identification, lockable zippers for added security, or reflective strips for increased visibility. 

Top Police Bags

Some top picks from Niton include the Blueline Monster Bundle, with a £49.99 voucher for Blueline boots. 

Blueline backpack and bundle


This epic bundle includes:

  • NB006 Blueline Patrol Bag 
  • BLDS01WH Blueline Spot-On Dual LED Dock Light
  • Blueline Boot Voucher worth £49.99
  • CG802 Blueline Multi-tool and pouch
  • BLD2001 Blueline Tactical Pen
  • BLD11001 Blueline Professional Patrol Socks


It’s absolutely perfect for new officers or anyone looking to refresh their gear. 


As far as heavyweight, large-capacity bags go, the Niton Tactical Rapid Mobilisation Bag has a 100-litre capacity.

Black Niton tactical rapid mobilisation bag

For a duty bag that can carry a myriad of duty and patrol equipment, the Hatch D1 is a great choice.

Hatch D1 black kit bag

Summary: The Ultimate Guide to Police Bags

A good police bag is more than just a storage solution; it's an essential tool that makes life easier for any officer. 


There are many different types of bags, and you may need more than one. Overall, though, it’s wise to invest in a quality duty or patrol bag that you can take in your patrol car. 


Pack it full of everything you need – and remember – it’s always best to be prepared!

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