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Delta-8 8” Boots ICS - SZ

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Bates Boots

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First rate footwear Review by Joseph
Customer Rating
I am just in the throws of ordering my 3rd set of these boots which I have worn on an almost daily basis for the last 4 to 5 years.
The are extremely comfortable straight from the box & I am only replacing my existing pair because of a tear to the leather in the heel area that has come from general wear & tear pulling them on virtually every day.
Would definitely recommend. (Posted on 08/06/2016)
Great boots Review by Dean
Customer Rating
Have had the boots for a short while and can't fault them, they are so comfortable and of a good quality. (Posted on 01/06/2016)
Excellent product Review by pete
Customer Rating
Excellect boots!!
I wear these on a daily basis, always on my feet patroling and never had a pair of boots so comfortable. Would recommend to anyone!! (Posted on 01/06/2016)
A nice looking boots Review by Damien
Customer Rating
I have had a pair of these boots for around 2 years now and I think they are the best looking boots I have ever owned, they are very unique and stand out.
Comfort wise these boots are very good with the variety of options to adjust giving options to suit all feet. They are easy to get on with the zip system and easy to take off at the end of the day.
The main issue I have had with these boots is the breathability, they are without doubt one of the least breathable boots I have worn and at the end of the day my feet are soaking at all times of year. I havent had this problem with any other boots so can only assume it is something to do with the construction of these. That being said these are a great comfortable pair of boots suitable for day to day use. I would consider having another pair for the summer months though. (Posted on 11/03/2015)
Very comfortable from day 1. . . . . Review by J
Customer Rating
Wore these for a full day today for the first time, pretty much straight out of the box and I was very pleased with how comfortable they are.
I started the day with a 2. 5 mile walk to work, no issues there, then wore them for a 10 hour shift.

Pretty much all of it on my feet, both inside and out on the road. The grip seems excellent, even on oil on the road, good support for the ankles despite having a side zip (the zip appears built to last) and the ics feature does seem to do its job.

Although personally I have it set between cushion and inward pronating so I am unsure

If the other settings are as noticeable.

The main body of the boot seems smart, well made and durable but how it fares over the next few years remains to be seen.

Overall, my first impression us that the Bates Delta 8 is a good comfortable patrol boot with much better grip than similar boots such as Magnum Classics and almost as lightweight as Grafter Stealths (200g heavier I think).

And the ICS system seems more than just a gimmick. (Posted on 11/03/2015)

5 Item(s)

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