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NiteRedi Illuminated Storage Board - Black

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NiteRedi Illuminated Storage Board - Black

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Ticket Board

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NiteRedi Illuminated Storage Board 

The Storage:
The large storage compartment can be locked to keep all your papers together, keeping them safe, but also hidden from prying eyes! It holds approximately 200 sheets of A4 paper (1 inch thickness), and there is a separate area for the Lightbridge, writing instruments and even mini flashlights.

The Construction:
Made from ultra smooth (and extremely durable) polyproylene, its easy to write on, and the low profile but heavy duty spring clip will keep your papers firmly in place while you write.

The Light:
The Lightbridge has 4 ultra bright LEDs, powered by 4 x AAA batteries (not included). The on/off switch is easy to activate, even with gloves on. The Lightbridge is perfect if you are in a badly lit environment, or if you dont want to be obtrusive while taking notes at night, for example on a hospital ward. If you dont need the light, it can easily be removed and kept in its own section of the storage compartment. The Lightbridge can even be used as an emergency flashlight when detached from the board.

The storage compartment has a watertight seal so , once its locked your paperwork is protected come rain or shine.

Easy To Clean:
Because the Lightbridge can be removed, the Nite Redi can be easily cleaned and disinfected.

In 2008 Ticket Board was introduced into the law enforcement market, and was voted product of the year in Traffic Safety. In 2011 Ticket Board introduced its new Nite Redi Illuminated Storage Box. No matter what profession you are in, the Nite Redi will undoubtedly make your life easier when it comes to paperwork.The Nite Redi is perfect for any profession that has paperwork, whether its law enforcement, healthcare, building or delivery driving.

NEW HD Shock Pads

New accessory for your NiteRedi, the HD Foam insert for iPad, iPad Air and iPad Mini - Protect your equipment on even the toughest shifts

Allows you to customise your NiteRedi Illuminated Storage Board to get the maximum benefit.  Easy to install.  Provides a snug fit for outstanding shock absorption keeping your iPad, iPad Air or iPad mini safe from bumps and knocks. The storage compartment of your NiteRedi is weather tight and lockable, so the addition of HD Foam keeps your tablet dry and protected from drops and damage. 

Select the insert to fit your iPad.  

Hospital Staff:
Nurses, Doctors, Physiotherapists....Anyone taking part in ward rounds. Having a Nite Redi means that patient notes, prescription pads etc can be carried around securely and confidentially. The Lightbridge means you can update records without lighting up the whole bay or ward and disturbing patients. The Nite Redi can even replace the traditional clipboard at the end of the patients bed. Because it is easy to clean, it can be disinfected on each ward to prevent the spread of infection.

Building And Tradesmen:
No more climbing ladders with a clipboard under your arm, pencil behind your ear, tape measure in your pocket and flashlight between your teeth. With the Nite Redi everything is stored together so its easy to note down everything you need for a quote or progress report. Keep everything in the watertight container and even on site in the pouring rain, your notes will stay dry Even if you dont!

Fire Officers:
If a building has been damaged by fire chances are it is without electricity and very damp! The Nite Redi keeps your records dry and the Lightbridge makes it easy to take notes with limited visibility.

Travelling between farms, out in all weathers, or working in dimly lit environments, the watertight storage and Lightbridge make sure you can work efficiently and securely, and the board can easily be disinfected between each location.

Police Officers:
Whether issuing tickets at a traffic stop or completing paperwork in the patrol car, the Nite Redi Storage Box will make every task more efficient and organised. The storage compartment will easily hold your tickets, notes, pocket books and pens. By using the Nite Redi with the Ticket Board with its unique features to check IDs and licences you have the perfect partnership.

Security Officers:
The Nite Redi Storage Box will take you from your patrol vehicle to security office in an instant. No longer will recording visitors on to site or documenting your patrol be a juggle of pens, torches and paperwork! Keep your documents, safety seals and inspection notes secure from day to night the Nite Redi Storage Box will give you organised, easy to manage paperwork.

Anyone On The Road:
From traffic oficers, lorry drivers or couriers, all your documents can be kept safe and secure if you are in and out of the vehicle. The Lightbridge means you can easily check instructions or maps at night without impairing the drivers vision.

Customer Reviews

Great Product!!! Review by Peter
Customer Rating
I bought this clip board for my warehouse job I found it to be extremely durable and the lighting was incredible.

I can see this product having great value. (Posted on 11/03/2015)

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