Tell us your workplace wishlist - Best ideas get a goody bag!

Tell us your workplace wishlist – Best ideas get a goody bag!

My local radio station recently featured the things people would ask for at work if money was no object. The list was….boring. The top 5 included gym membership, a good quality coffee machine, and number 1 was a staff biscuit tin.

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This got us thinking at Niton Towers, what would we ask for? The results came in and it turns out we’re just as boring. It turns out all the Niton Team want is free access to the vending machine and to bring their pets to work.



Unfortunately, whilst the dogs might have a good time chasing each other round the yard, there is a high probability that no work will get done at all – after all, who can resist a puppy cuddle! As far as the vending machine goes, the amount some of the lads here eat free access could end being a free-for-all.

So the question is – what would you ask for? When this blog goes on Twitter and Facebook, reply to the tweet/post with your workplace wishlist, or email OK, we probably can’t make your wish come true (unless you really want the biscuits) but we can send the little gift fairy out with a treat for our favourite responses*.



*****Deadline for responses is 4pm 18-05-2015*****