Team Bonding

Team Bonding

This weekend the Niton team entered a 10km mudstacle run. Now the team is not as fit as it should be (in fact some are just decrepit), but they made it round, and more importantly, made it into work on Monday morning to compare bruises.

The course winds through woods starting with jumping over a few hay bales, something fairly easy to ease you in. Then came the first mud pit – freezing, squelchy and covered in wire to make sure you have to crawl through it. This was then followed by climbing walls, water slides, rivers and more mud pits.


I think it’s the marines who say “we never leave a man behind”. Well we are not marines, and if you fall behind because you got stuck in a bog up to your waist, you stay behind. For your amusement, here are some pictures from the final kilometer!





It took nearly 4 hours to complete the course, and about the same time to clean the mud off afterwards. Some of the team are keen to do another one (although maybe in the summer this time!), others not so much. Still, everyone enjoyed themselves so a big thank you to Mud Monsters Run for organising the event, and well done team Niton – Very proud of you