Tactical Tim Goes Training!

Tactical Tim Goes Training!

The Safariland Group encompasses some of the most respected brands in the law enforcement industry, from Protech body armour to Safariland holsters to Nik Public Safety drug detection, collection and testing. To make sure we keep on top of all the products and developments Niton staff have regular training with Safariland, so earlier this month I jetted off to Jacksonville, Florida to attend Safariland’s conference and training event. Of course I took a full range of Niton Tactical gear to make sure I was ready for anything.


Now I know what you’re thinking…Florida? Doesn’t sound much like hard work! However, there are so many products available we had a pretty full itinerary. Each day we had seminars, overviews and demonstrations of new and specialist products – and sometimes we even got to have a go with the gear (thankfully this time there was no pepper spray, unfortunately that demonstration included a good squirt of the stuff in the face!).
Here are some snippets of videos from training, including firearms training at Jacksonville Sheriff’s shooting range and smoke grenade demonstrations.

You can download or flick through a range of Safariland brand catalogues on the Niton website, and you can even check out some magazine reviews of different holsters in one of our November posts.

Tactical TimTactical Tim’s Training Gear!

* Niton Tactical Polo Shirts

*Niton Tactical Comfort Shirts

*Niton Tactical Lightweight Trousers

*Niton Tactical Mission II Boots

*Non-Metallic Leather Belt

*Niton Tactical Assault Bag

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