Tactical Tim Interviews...The Firearms Specialist

Tactical Tim Interviews…The Firearms Specialist

Niton have a comprehensive range of firearms equipment available on our website and to special order from Blueguns and the Safariland group (including KleenBore, Break Free,  and Bianchi). As firearms is quite a specialist area, we have an expert on staff and we sent Tactical Tim to interview him.


Martyn Bowie

Current Role:

Specialist Sales for Aspen International and Niton

Aspen Logo Small


Niton logo

Career History:

RAF for 12 years, and no I don’t walk sideways! Then Police for 27 years as an operational Cop, finishing my career as a firearms officer on the Armed Response Cars.

Favourite Story/anecdote from ‘on the job’:

Hmmm lots of those, so let’s go back a few years. New cops when they joined the team underwent the team initiation, so there you are all nice a sparkly with new kit, keen ready to go. Middle of the night, and your first call, suspicious package against a well known Bank’s wall. Slowly, you approach, it’s dark, the street is deserted, you have had to turn your radio off just in case! Closer, just a bit closer…before you know what’s happened the box races towards you at top speed! A few expletives and possibly a change of underwear later, and your team fall about laughing at your expense, well now you’re part of the family and always will be, as for the radio controlled car well that goes away till next time.

Butch Cassidy, The Lone Ranger or Woody ?

All three, Butch Cassidy for the open spaces, Lone Ranger for being the Good guy and Woody for that great shirt


Kit you couldn’t do without/wish you’d had: 

More Bullets!!!!! Bigger gun and lots of shiny kit.

What’s the best movie shootout?

Well I would have said the latest Sweeney Film, so many shots fired in the middle of London and not one casualty! However having just seen Olympus Has Fallen I would have to put that at the top of my list.


Wyatt Earp said ‘Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything’. Any other top tips?

Lots of them –  always know how many bullets you have fired will  help, no good being fast and accurate then you hear the dead mans click!!!!

Did you shoot the Sheriff?

Nope. I didn’t shoot the deputy either.

Will you lend me £50?

Damn I was going to ask you that.



Aspen International is now part of the Niton Group, but will continue to trade as an entity in its own right