Newsletter Update - Brand New Tactical Bags In Stock!

Newsletter Update – Brand New Tactical Bags In Stock!

We are proud to announce the arrival of two brand new Niton Tactical bags – The City and the Day bag. Both bags are back packs, but each designed for different purposes.

Niton Tactical Day Bag

The Day bag is a smaller size but still has a hydration compartment and plenty of space. The main compartment is 21W x 40H x 12D cm and has mesh pockets so you can easily find smaller items.




The front compartment is smaller but has mesh and zippered pockets for keeping phones, ID’s and wallets etc, and also has an adjustable Velcro strap for securing a torch or baton.


The Day bag has adjustable straps with side release buckles that go around the bag. This provides some extra security and also allows you to ‘shrink’ the depth of the bag so items don’t roll around when the bag is half empty. We’ve also included a bungee web on the front so you can carry a lightweight jacket or similar.

Niton Tactical City Bag

The City bag is the larger bag which could be used if you have a lot of kit to take out for the day, or if you have an overnight stay. There are numerous external zippered pouches of different sizes for documents, glasses, hinged cuffs and so on. The front compartment has zippered pouches and stationery pockets, and a Velcro strip so you can keep your ID badges safe when they are not being used.


There is a smaller mid compartment (32W x 37H x 5D cm) and larger main compartment (34W x 49H x 14D cm) for kit and clothing. The City bag also has concealed compartments (for left or right handed access) at the rear so you can carry a firearm.


Both bags have padded backs and straps for comfort, and chest straps to keep the bag secure to your body. The City bag is available in Black, Black/Grey and Black/Red