Tactical Tim Interviews....The Boss!

Tactical Tim Interviews….The Boss!

For the first post on our new look blog, Tactical Tim interviewed the founder and big boss of Niton


Tony DeversonTony_Final (2)

Current Role: 

Managing Director

Career History:

I served 9 years in the British Army in the Royal Military Police. My postings were UK, BAOR, Northern Ireland and Hong Kong.
Upon leaving the Army in 1979 I joined Sussex Police, I specialised as a Firearms Officer and became a Firearms Instructor in 1986. Working at London Gatwick Airport with the Counter Terrorist Wing (CTW) I was responsible for training specialist tactics to over 100 officers. My responsibilities included devising specialist tactics for airports, tactical advisor to Command as well as tactical response to the county of Sussex.
I left the police 1995. I set up a company selling police and security equipment, Niton Equipment Ltd. Shortly after I started a law enforcement and security specialist training company, Niton Training 2001 Limited.


What’s your favourite Story/anecdote from ‘on the job’:

I have always had a love for the Traffic Department…

A very attractive woman was pulled over by a Traffic motorcycle officer for speeding. When he walked up to her window and opened his ticket book she said: “I bet you’re going to sell me a ticket to the Traffic Policeman’s Ball.” He replied, “No, Traffic Policemen don’t have balls.” There followed a moment of silence while she smiled and he realized what he’d said.  Without a word, he then closed his book, got back on his motorcycle and left.  She was laughing too hard to start her car for several minutes.

Arnie, Willis or Stallone?

None of them, sorry! Steven Seagal, he actually knows how to use firearms tactically and is a pleasure to watch.

What piece of kit couldn’t you do without/wish you’d had:

A small pocket knife, I was never without one when in the job. I always carried a mini flashlight, you never know when the lights are going to go out. I carried a Mini Maglite or Code 4, but nowadays you would be absolutely spoilt for choice (hence my interest in our tactical range of torches).

When I first joined the police we didn’t even have a pair of handcuffs, a set was kept in the area car in case of emergencies.

Niton Tactical Lithium LiteDock Product Image  Niton Tactical Solar Defender Rechargeable Torch Product Image     Niton Tactical L.E. Professional Deluxe Torch Kit Product Image

If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done?


Do you watch Police shows on TV, which is your favourite (fictional or documentary)?

The Sweeney is still my favourite; I have watched them over and over and still enjoy them.

When you know we’ve provided equipment for film & TV productions, do you watch the whole show shouting out ‘that’s ours, we supplied that!’?

I must confess to being a Niton anorak, I have been known to phone the family to tell them to watch a program that features Niton kit.

Will you lend me £50?

You still owe me £20 from that visit to the Turkish Restaurant!