About Niton999

About Niton999

When our MD, Tony, served in the military police and Sussex police, he knew that what any law enforcement professional needed most was reliable, durable and affordable gear. He founded Niton Equipment to provide quality equipment and clothing at reasonable prices, with service that is second to none. 15 years later Tony is still at the helm of this family run business, and we are proud to be market leaders in the supply of police, security and military equipment in the UK.

What’s with the logo?

Why did we choose an American Indian for our logo? Because we´re not Cowboys!! We have experience in this industry and if training is required, we get it from the best. For example we have guys trained by Robert Hindi (creator of the Hindi cap and Hindi belt system), and accredited by Monadnock Batons. We try, test and sample new items before they go on sale so we know how they work and how they perform. We have even found a willing volunteer to try all the dog stuff in Casper – the family dog (which as just as well…it was very difficult trying to get the warehouse manager into the K9 wet suit!)

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Designed by us for you!

Because we have our own design team we have been able to create and manufacture everything from belt pouches to kit bags. As we are the only company that manufactures UK specific uniform to comply with UK officer’s requirements, we can be the first to bring you new innovations. We keep an eye on changes to uniform and listen to your comments on how your kit functions so that we can design gear that works for you. If you want an item that doesn´t seem to be available anywhere else, let us know. We could get our design team to make it just for you!

The best brands…

Alongside our own brand products we are also proud to stock internationally renowned brands like Bates Boots, Magnum Boots and Sioen. Because of our reputation in the police and security industry we have also been given the privilege of becoming UK distributors for Safariland (including Hatch, Hiatt, Monadnock and Bianchi), Damascus, TicketBoard and FatIvan.

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One stop shop

We have expanded from stocking a few key items in Tony’s garage to a 10,000 square foot warehouse packed with over 3500 different products. No matter what area of law enforcement you are in you can find everything you need at Niton, from boots to tactical patrol vests, handcuffs to flashlights. We hope you enjoy shopping with us and would love to hear your feedback about the blog or products. If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us at sales@niton999.co.uk.

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